Mobile Homes

005Reserve your cosy place close to Nature

Your own space for vacation and weekends, in a unique zone with sea sight and all the comforts that you are accustomed, is not an impossible scene.

Especially conceived thinking in you – that demand comfort and cosiness and don’t want to abdicate of the pleasures of wildlife – MOBILE HOME offer an integrated option of leisure, resort and comfort, in a space of natural election, to an absolutely tempting price.

In order to facilitate the acquisition, you may adhere to a credit plan that allows you to acquire your MOBILE HOME in monthly instalments until eight years.

In the Ericeira Camping, there is a private zone to the installation of these residential caravans – a space of dream with a very pleasant sight and that will provide you moments of relaxation and leisure.

30 minutes from Lisbon, you can find the ideal resort to rest and to recharge batteries. The ample structure allows lodging all the family, fomenting the meeting between generations.

So that you can personally evaluate the comfort of this space, we invite you to visit Ericeira Camping. Our team will be at your disposal.


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