Mafra National Park

Mafra National Park is more than a forest park or a hunting park. It is a space of inestimable ambient value, a unique scene of the wild life.

The Mafra National Palace, one of most imponent monuments of Portugal, symbol of the reign absolutist of D. João V, will surprise the look of the visitor for the projection that reaches in the landscape.

The purchase of lands of the Mafra National Park was commanded by D. João V in 1744, and in this exactly year, the 7 of August, is drawn up the deed relative to the construction of the masonry wall with 21 kilometres of length, that enclosure a total of 1187 hectares of land. Part of these lands had been expropriated and others acquired by purchase, paid in the reign of D. José I.

The resistance of some proprietors would be marked by the attitude of an old woman that is in history as “the old woman of the Chanquinha” that still possesses a farmhouse today called “Corrals of the Chanquinha. Says the legend that D. João V, when trying to convince the old woman to yield the property, offered her a barret full of golden coins. Not being convinced, and wanting to remain the ownership of lands, the Chanquinha offered to the King two barrets full of golden coins, but it was useless, therefore he had already determined to get the place. The old lady had to leave, going to live for A-da-Perra, place that according to the legend got the name in her memory.



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