Cerco Garden

Forests, gardens, water wheel, football, certifications of a century that changed the face of the Village of Mafra. To take a walk in the Cerco Garden is more than enjoying a leisure space; it is a trip to the time of the great accomplishments.

The Cerco Garden, created in 1718 by D. João V is a space of eight hectares constituted by forest and gardens, that extends into the north of the Convent of Mafra.

D. João V inspired in Versailles to create geometry in the disposal of the division into streets of the zone of the forest, which obeys the aesthetic conceptions of the baroque, following the axle created in the French garden. The streets are displayed in symmetry with the building of the Convent, whose central axle extends out through the wood, denouncing the concern to represent the main geometric axles of the Monument in the exterior.
It is of the responsibility of the sovereign, for beyond the zone of the wood, the water wheel, the well, the tank and the enclosure for practical of football, having the gardens been raised in posterior date.

Until the extinguishing of the Religious Orders, the Cerco Garden was used by the congregations that had inhabited in the Convent of Mafra. In 1834 the Cerco Garden belongs to the Real House that equally withholds the ownership of the National Park and Palace, until the instauration of the Republic.

Between 1910 and 1924 the Garden, already with the “doors opened” to the public, is under administration of the Mafra National Palace, being later yielded to the Practical School of Infantry. From 1947 it is under jurisdiction of the General Direction of the Services Forestal and Aquicolous. Since 1994 it is managed by the City Council of Mafra.

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