Mafra was always characterized for an intense social life. Its markets, since immemorial times, constituted a meeting point of peoples and cultures.

This tradition is remained strong in the Council of Mafra. The popular parties continue to concur for the maintenance of the identity of a conscientious community of the historical wealth of its tradition and specificity.

Modernity brought for the Village new ways of living and being. The holiday centres of the Atlantic coast are liven up in the summer, most in the weekends, with a population that searches the return to the nature. Such as in the past, the Council continues to be point of meeting and polar region of attraction in the metropolitan space and in the national and international context.

Mafra is today in the confluence of the routes of the West. By one side, the linking to Estremadura. On the other side, the linking to Lisbon, Sintra and Cascais. In the joint of the commercial routes of a rich and diversified region, the Council earns, nowadays, a new dimension and centrality in the metropolitan area.

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